To remember and to forget – Amsterdam, Westerkerk

13th Demember at Kuva/Tila-gallery
Merimiehenkatu 36, 00150 HKI

The chimes of Westerkerk are heard in Amsterdam every fifteen minutes. The melodies change and bring memories
from the town and from the deep layers of mind. In this concert the imaginary clockenspiel plays the old broadside ballad, Daphne – this melody is heard sometimes as a whole, sometimes as fragments, always in different versions. Between these musical memories we will play music that takes us to Amsterdam (Strozzi, Hirose, Purcell, Locke and Schenck). The renaissance and baroque music will be intertwined with contemporary works.

This concert is the first one of the concert series of three concerts, all related to a certain European town, through the memories and stories of the musicians who have lived there. 

Elysian Fields-ensemble
Päivi Järviö mezzo soprano
Pekka silén recorder
Assi Karttunen, harpsichord
Markus Kuikka, gamba

The second concert, To remember and to forget – Paris, Seinewill be heard at the same place on 24th January 2015 and on 11th June 2015. The third concert will be about Helsinki.

The concert will be organized together with the Art University, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion centre Finland.