On the Edge of Light – Ai Margini della Luce

Barokkioravat 2017 Edinburgh

Varpu Haavisto, viola da gamba

Assi Karttunen, cembalo

Varpu Haavisto: Contemplation

François Couperin (1668-1733): Suite e: Prelude – Allemande

Graham Lynch (1957-): Beyond the River God: Rondeau II

François Couperin: Suite e: Sarabande – Gavotte


Matthew Whittall (1975-): The Violet and the Vine (2016)

Olli Kortekangas (1955-): Ai margini della luce (2013)

François Couperin: Suite A: Prelude – Fuguette

Graham Lynch: Pastorale

François Couperin: Suite A: Pompe funebre - La Chemise blanche

Ai Margini della Luce-concert at the St Cecilia Hall in Edinburgh 2017

The program combines both baroque and contemporary music. The idea behind the concert is to see music as a living continuum. Like British composer Graham Lynch has put it in Sounding Board issue number 9, August 2015: "There are always certain cultural themes that continually return and I see nothing wrong in plugging into these currents of meaning and expression – as T.S. Eliot suggested, tradition is not something that is dead
but rather what is already living in the present moment of the past."

By combining eighteenth-century and contemporary music the seemingly unrelated elements are creating interfaces, transformations, and expanded meanings. The elements of Baroque and contemporary music have their own integrity, but as a combination they are perceived in a new and timeless context.

The program has been designed as a result of long-term musicianship and communicative relationship between professional musicians and composers (Kortekangas, Lynch, Whittall). The performers have played together for more than 20 years. They both perform as soloists and chamber musicians in Finland, but also abroad (Norway, Italy, Japan, Belgium, UK).

Varpu Assi Photo 2016 pienempi yksi Mt