Harpsichordist Assi Karttunen has specialized in performing and researching Baroque music. She also performs in interdisciplinary groups with experimental and contemporary repertory.

Karttunen has recorded 4 CDs of solo works by Couperin, Rameau, Froberger, Lynch and Frescobaldi. As a soloist she has performed in Italy, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Norway, Denmark and Sweden and played in several orchestras and ensembles, 11 years in Finnish Baroque Orchestra and worked (2006– 2016) in the Elysian Fields-workshop. She currently works in the Superpluck contemporary music trio.

Karttunen works as an instrument pedagogy and early music lecturer at the Early Music faculty and at the DocMus, Doctoral school of Sibelius Academy. Karttunen has published her research in journals like a peer-reviewed quarterly journal Musiikki, JCLA (Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics), Trio Research Publication, and Ruukku Studies in Artistic Research.

Elysian Fields Elysionin Kedot

Superpluck Trio